Barbara Vandenbunder

Business owner Studio Puur / Holistic Academy / Holistic coach (theory).

Her mission in life is to empower women.

Themes like beauty and health, values like authenticity and truth helped determine the creation of Studio Puur.

Her passion for beauty was and still is a way of expressing herself. Her life's journey as a child was anything but rosy, but she found healing through the path as an entrepreneur, with Studio Puur, her own business. The life experiences as a child became her strength. She came closer and closer to her essence. With the story of Studio Puur, she teaches women to emphasize their natural radiance. (Self) acceptance forms the basis for this.

She wants to make a difference in women's health and general well-being.

She makes entrepreneurial women aware that professional growth and personal transformation go hand in hand. Entrepreneurship from her heart is what she does. In authentic connection with who she is, she creates lifechanging experiences by offering pure and honest products and ready-to-use treatment programs.

Through unique trainings and workshops, she trains beauty professionals to become experts in non-toxic beauty. Her supportive and inspiring role as both a beauty expert and entrepreneurial woman is of great significance in the lives of all who distribute her brands.

It is her wish that every woman may feel loved and appreciated, may radiate from her true core. The attention she has for her professionals is undivided. She takes them on a journey of professional, financial and personal growth. Finding yourself successful and attractive is what she believes every woman deserves. Be allowed to become who you are in essence, dare to express yourself and walk your soul path is where she gets her power from to undertake every day. As an (enterprising) woman, as a partner, as a mother. Purity, simplicity and a holistic vision are the thread that runs through everything Barbara undertakes.

She is the inspirer of Studio Mino, a minimalist 100% natural makeup line, Innersk'n and Studio Mino Holistic Aromatherapy.

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