Promotional material


Below are some guidelines regarding promotional material.


Am I entitled to promotional materials?

* Order less than 270€ excl VAT:

Promotional material is possible but is then at the expense of the customer.


* Order equal or more than 270€ excl VAT:

  The customer can designate the desired promotional material. (limited free choice)


How much promotional material is free to choose:

Studio Puur gives free 5% of the order amount to promotional materials.

So when ordering from:

270€ = 13.5€ choice of free promotional material

300€ = 15€ 

500€ = 25€

1000€ = 50€

2000€ = 100€


How do I submit my choice of promotional materials:


- place the item of promotional material in your shopping basket and we will calculate how many you can receive from it

- please note in comments what promotional material you would like.

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